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    Problem with Windows Server 2019 snapshot quiescing

    owiking Lurker



      We are running vSphere and ESXi 6.7.0 11675023 in our environment.

      We begun to test with Windows Server 2019. We have made a template an deployed a few test machines.


      Everythings seams to be working as it should except that we have problem taking snapshots where we want to quiesce the guest file system.

      We are running VMware Tools on the servers.


      We get the following errors:


      Warning message on XXXX on XXXXXXX in vDatacenter: The guest OS has reported an error during quiescing. The error code was: 5 The error message was: 'VssSyncStart' operation failed: IDispatch error #8454 (0x80042306)


      Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine IOCTL_DISK_SET_SNAPSHOT_INFO(\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1) fails with winerror 1168.  hr = 0x80070490, Element not found.


      Running VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS show the following problem:


      Writer name: 'System Writer'

      Writer name: 'ASR Writer'

      Writer name: 'WMI Writer'

      Writer name: 'Registry Writer'

      Writer name: 'COM+ REGDB Writer'

      Writer name: 'Shadow Copy Optimization Writer'


      All with the same state and error:

         State: [7] Failed

         Last error: Timed out


      No errors in VSSADMIN before trying to take a snapshot.


      Anyone else with this problem?

      Help appreciated.



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