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    How do i get a log of the last time an entitled user logged into the VDI environment

    Jgordon_6866 Lurker

      ok so this seemed like a pretty easy request

      management has as me to find out 3 things

      1: list of all entitled users as they appear within view administrator

      2: last time the entitled users logged into the VDI environment

      3: list of entitlements per user

      i swear i saw something on this but i cant find it now sorry if this is redundant

      my search for any information on this seems to be a dead end or i don't know what to search for

      i would like to find a powercli script or tool that would allow me to do this

      i'm not the best with powershell/powercli but i can figure it out if someone points me in the right direction

      our current environment consists of a dedicated vm-ware environment for VDI, Horizon 7.0

      AD integrated

      1 v-center server

      6 esxi hosts for VDI

      14 Desktop pools

      and about 500 entitled users in those pools

      there has been no maintenance on the Horizon side of thins for a long time no its my job to clean up stuff

      currently some of my desktop pools have 50 or more entitled users but only 3-5 active sessions

      AD has been cleaned up and inactive users have been dealt with but there were a lot of users assigned manually within the desktop pools hence the request

      if i could find a way to see who has not logged on in say 60 days and the entitlements they havae that would help a lot to sort out this mes



      James Gordon