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    Seeing "Function setJournalEntry is not allowed in scope x_vmw_vmware_vrasp" when attempting to close a workflow created Catalog Task

    henswort Novice

      Environment: vRA 7.5, Kingston Patch12, vRA/SNOW Plugin V5


      We are adding additional approval gates to the plugins standard workflow; our desired approval workflow is:

      Most of this works fine. However, if a requester doesn't have a manager defined, the workflow creates a Catalog Task for the Service Desk full fillers to correct the requester User record by adding their manager.


      The Catalog Task is created okay, but, when the task is closed we see this error: "Function setJournalEntry is not allowed in scope x_vmw_vmware_vrasp"


      I suspect that this is because setJournalEntry is not included in the "VMware vRealize Automation ITSM Plugin" Application Cross-Scope Access list.


      Has anyone encountered anything similar to this?

      I am on the right path?

      If so, how would I go about safely adding a cross-scope access for setJournalEntry?


      Thanks in advance for any tips/advice/fixes.