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    After Windows update - The logon dialog is not present

    DaGorge Lurker

      Hi all,


      I haven't used my Windows partition for over a year or so - I'm currently running VMware Fusion version 8.5.10

      after launching it (finally) and allowing Windows to perform all updates the logon dialog is not present nor is the menu

      bar. Just a pretty picture - when I send the ctl-alt-del - I can't type in a password.


      Mac OSX version is: 10.14.1


      I'm thinking this version of VMware needs to be updated to the current version - thought I'd toss this out to the community before I spend the 80 bucks.


      Thanks for any thoughts

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          Welcome to the Community,


          if it worked prior to the Windows update, it's more likely a guest OS issue.

          For how long did you wait? Some Windows updates require time to finish.


          If nothing else helps, can you please try booting the guest into Save Mode, to see whether this works?




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            Closing this post as it is a dupe of Version 8.5.10 and MacOS 10.14.1

            Please continue the debate down there.


            FWIW, you can run a trial version of Fusion 11 for 30 days, then if Fusion works the way you want you can buy a license to change it into the full version.

            Download from: Download VMware Fusion | VMware


            This is the exact same version as what you get when buying the version, so there is no reason for not trying before you buy.

            Another thing for considering is that with a VMware Fusion 8 license you can still use the upgrade price for Fusion 11. When version 12 comes out you will have to pay the full price, there will be no upgrade price for 3 versions ago (at least that was how it was -most of the times- in the past).



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