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    ESXi 5.5 U3 HP Branded // ML30 // KMODE Exception not handled

    Cherry1337 Lurker


      we have a major problem with an old ESXi 5.5 U3 Host.


      HP Proliant ML30 Gen9

      ESXi 5.5 U3 HP Branded Image


      We need to ensure that Windows 10 can be setup as VM on this system. Before we switched the physical Hardware to the ML30 this was possible.

      Now we are unable to boot a Windows 10 1803 Iso on this Hypervisior. The U3 supports Windows 10. Also the ML30 in the list of supported devices.


      When we start a new virtual Maschine from a Windows Iso we always get the same error "KMODE Exception not handled". Its directly after the first loading screen.

      We already tried to boot up a existing maschine - same error. There is no Windows Dump file to analyse the error. Also the ESXi VM logs seems to be clean.


      We invested some time to fix this error on our own:

      - Upgrade the Maschine

      - Remove all Device etc. from the maschine

      - activated IDE Modus in the VMDK File

      - Updatet all HP Drivers


      Is there anyone out there with the same problem and a solution? Is there any error log about the hardware drivers that esxi is using? Maybe some drivers dont work correctly.

      Upgrading the Host to 6.5 is the last thing we can do, before that we want to ensure there is no other solution arround. The support for Windows 10 on a ESXi 5.5 is given, it should be possible to get it running.