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    Intel RSTe RAID Controller - shown as other device

    Udbytossen Lurker

      Hi Forum

      Allthough after beeing running Workstation Pro - we decided now was the time for upgrade using ESX Server - On a SuperMicro Motherboard part no X11SDV-8C-TP8F

      My harddisc setup i Running OS from NVMe Samsung Evo SSD - and a second Discd - using 4x1TB Samsung EVO SATA SSD  (used as RAID10)


      I installed the ESX on the NVMe harddisc and when getting all the small parts home for the RAID - I've adding the harddisc and created the RAID volume in BIOS

      And actually my question is here - Is that a problem now since I cannot see the RAID drive.

      I can see either 4x1TB SATA drives + NVMe Drive -- no RAID drives

      Or I can see only the NVMe Drive

      ( In bios SATA is Disabled - sSATA is enabled and showing the 4 Disc)


      In ESX - in Host --> Manage I can the controller - ( I think) - shown as this Udklip.PNG

      But passthrough was disabled default - but enabling it makes no difference - Either all 4 drives are shown or not.


      As I googling through different types of questions - I thinking the best way is to restart the vmware ESX installation - but is there anything else I can do to make it see the Volume0 (Created as RAID10) instead of 4single harddrives.  Creating a new datastore on 1 disc and then expand with the other 3 disc will not give me RAID10 drive ( i Think) so what to do from here


      Which is the correct way to go from here