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    Guests are not reachable

    p2a4c4 Lurker

      I am new and need some help.

      I can ping my VMWare 6.7 host from anywhere on my network but I cannot ping my 2 Windows 10 guests or my vCenter vSphere server.

      I installed the VMware host and then installed the vCenter server appliance and everything seems to be working. I installed 3 vSwitches because I have 4 NICs on the host.I changed the name of the first bridged switch. I then installed 2 Windows 10 guest and assigned them to the vSwitch-2 but the could not get an IP. The system said I needed to reboot and so I rebooted and when my system came up, I the have the following situation:

      1. The host is working and I can ping the host from computers outside the host.

      2. I lost access to the vCenter server and I cannot ping it any more and it will not come up on my browser

      3. The 2 Windows 10 guests cannot ping the host or each other even though I assigned them IPs in the same subnet and they are in the same vSwitch.


      So the host is working, but I cannot get to any of its guests and the guests cannot communicate with each other, the host, or anything for that matter.


      I will appreciate your help