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    Make multiple pools appear as one pool

    AndrewReina Lurker

      We currently use multiple pools for the same group of users.  This ensures that if one environment goes down, users still have access via the other environment.  This creates some pain points for our users as they often go to a pool to find it full, then need to try another, or possibly even a third pool before finding one that has available VMs.  Is there a way to provide users with a single front end pool name and have VMware/horizon handle finding a pool with a free workstation.  This would be a better experience.  We currently have three separate environments using three different hypervisors, varying amount of esxi hosts clustered per hypervisor.  it there a way to make this look like onepool to our users so they have a seemless experience.


      Sorry, I am a novice and hope i am making sense with my question.