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    HTAware mitigation tool for L1TF

    oneilv Novice

      Hi Guys,


      Has any anyone run the HTAware mitigation tool from VMware for L1TF? If yes, can you please share your experience using the tool and findings after running it?





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          cjscol Expert

          I've used it. Most of my clusters are not heavily CPU used, the limiting resource on them is memory. I have not noticed any reduction in performance by enabling VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation on any of my ESXi hosts. If I look at the performance charts for CPU % utilised on any of my vSphere clusters I cannot see any change from before or after I enabled this.


          I still have my most heavily CPU used cluster to do this weekend and will let you know how that looks next week.

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            oneilv Novice

            Hi cjscol


            Thanks for advising, How did you go with your most heavily CPU used cluster? Did you end up running the HTAware tool and making the recommended changes?

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              abochmann Lurker

              It's been quite some time since we ran HTAware (and subsequently switched to the SCA scheduler). The tool did not have a lot of recommendations for us - I think it mentioned a couple of VMs with many cores, and a couple of very busy VMs as potential problems.


              We since had the experience that the main problem is latency - we have quite a few terminal server VMs where users noticed lagging keyboard and mouse response, for example. On one cluster in particular, we couldn't help disabling the SCA scheduler.


              For VMs with non-interactive workloads, we haven't seen any complaints, but the safety margins have shrunk. Particularly VMs with a bad vCPU/pCPU ratio (say 8 vCPUs on a system with 12 cores per socket) experience high latency or bad CPU ready values compared to pre-SCA times.


              I have to say I'm quite disappointed with VMware in this regard - it's been four months now, and we're still stuck with the SCA scheduler in a state that effectively disables hyperthreading. Microsoft's Hyper-V core scheduler, in comparison, has chosen to only schedule vCPUs belonging to the same VM on any HT pair - so there's more leeway for scheduling decisions, while still mitigating risks that L1TF creates on the VM/hypervisor boundary.



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                cjscol Expert

                I am seeing an increase CPU contention on the virtual machines after enabling VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation on my most heavily used ESXi cluster, see screenshot below from vROps - VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreadingMitigation was enabled about midday on Feb 9.