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    Witness Traffic Separation - Management or Separate Kernel?

    ecsaw Lurker

      Hi, we are in the midst of deploying vSAN 6.7 on new hardware. We will be utilizing a 2 node stretched cluster (2 separate physical sites) and a L3 route to the Witness Appliance in a 3rd remote site.


      Our vendor is helping to install and configure it, but I have a question on the best practice for the Witness Traffic. Previously, the vendor could not get the Witness traffic to work until we suggested to implement WTS to get traffic flowing to the 3rd site.


      Right now, we have our 6 hosts in the 2 nodes;


      1.) Witness traffic tagged onto the Management vmkernel.

      2.) Witness Host in the 3rd site still has 2 vmkernels running Management and Witness.


      I believe traffic is flowing via the Management gateway to the witness host. From the Witness Host, it is the same?


      So, since we are still building this, is it better to separate out the Witness traffic to a separate vmkernel and implement static routes? Or will the current setup be enough and is supported? Thank you.