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    Skype for Business 2016 and Horizon View Agent

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      Sorry if this has been asked or answered.


      We have recently found that when we migrated our VDI environment to Windows 10 1709 that the Horizon View 7.5.1 Agent will not allow SfB 2016 (desktop client not Store app) Calls (audio and video). The Call screen will appear and it will just sit at "Calling" until you hang up. The person you are calling will not see a toast notification, and no errors appear to be generated (can't enable Full logging in SfB atm). Looking at a ProcMon capture, we see the TCP connection is made, but no UDP connection is attempted (probably due to the call not being connected). The Desktop Sharing/Presenting and IM portions work correctly. We used the Horizon View Agent 7.5.1 version for several months on Windows 10 1607 without issue. We have verified that the Windows Defender firewall has all the necessary ports open. When we install the VMware Horizon Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business (even though we are using Zero Clients) and attempt to place a call it will generate an error (call ended or can't be connected).


      We decided to roll back to Horizon View Agent v7.4.0 and Skype for Business calling works without issue now.


      We also tried to use Horizon View Agent 7.6.0 and received the same issues with SfB calling that we saw with the 7.5.1 Agent.


      Has anyone experienced issues with SfB Calling not connecting/no toast notification (to internal domain customers) using the 7.5.1 and higher View Agent and Win10 1709?



      Updating the above post:

      We have now tested Horizon View Agent 7.7 and Horizon View Agent 7.8 and continue to see the issue where everything works on Skype for Business EXCEPT Audio and Video calls. Using the Horizon View Agent 7.4 still works without issues. No one else using Windows 10 1709 is seeing this issue? Again, we are using Teradici Zero Clients, so the SfB Optimization pack Agent option is not installed.

      We will be opening a SR here in the coming weeks, but wanted to see if the community has any ideas/thoughts etc...