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    Duplicated printer objects when using certain app stacks

    CoreyN Novice

      Has any else seen the following behavior with AV?  It doesn't happen when I remove all AV entitlements from my account and using a clean profile vs. one with existing UEM settings makes no difference.  No one has mentioned it to me yet that it's caused a problem, but I would like to tidy it up back to normal if possible.


      My environment is -


      Horizon 7.5.1

      UEM 9.6

      AV 2.15

      Windows 10 x64 1803



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          Ray_handels Master
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Could it be that this is just the local ThinPrint printer driver adding the printer from your local machine?

          Otherwise just try to find out which Appstack has the printer installed (it should be only one), attach it to a non persistent to a machine without Appvolumes Agent and try to look in the snapvol.dat file to see if you can find a reference to this printer. It could well be that it is installed (or repaired or something like that) during packaging of the appstack.