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    If I leave VMs running and the screen saver launches, I have a better than 50% chance a run away kernel_task will be waiting for me.  MacOS 10.13.6 and Fusion 11.0.2

    cothren Lurker

      I generally run 3 linux VMs in the back ground and occasionally a Windows 10 VM.  If I leave my laptop idle, so that the screen saver launches, there is a good chance (>50%) that I will come back to a kernel_task race condition.  This is when the kernel_task consumes all the remaining CPU and runs the fans full tilt.  Once this starts, the only way to stop it is to reboot.  If I suspend the screen saver, it does not happen.  If I power down my VMs, it does not happen.  I have set the sleep mode to not put the disk to sleep, but this has not effect.


      Any advice would be appreciated.