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    Changing NSX Edge Description and Tenant Field Values

    dgoldsmith Novice

      Is it possible to change the description or Tenant of an NSX Edge after its initial deployment?


      The web GUI (NSX 6.4.0 and vSphere 6.5 U2) does not appear to support it.  I have not been able to find any references in the CLI documentation for changing these fields either.  is there a way or do we need to destroy and recreate the Edges (if important enough to us) or just leave the current values as is?




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          vswitchzero Enthusiast

          Hi David,


          Unfortunately, these can't be changed after the fact in the UI, but it's fairly straight-forward to update these fields via API call. First, you'd need to retrieve all of the XML configuration of the edge by using the following API call:


          GET https://<nsxmgrip>/api/4.0/edges/edge-X


          Then you'd copy and paste the XML response with all the existing configuration and modify the specific sections you want to update. For example, here is where you'd change the tenant:








              <tenant>test</tenant> <------change here



          Then, after making the required changes, you'd paste it back into the body of a new PUT call targeting the same ESG:


          PUT https://<nsxmgrip>/api/4.0/edges/edge-X


          You can find more information on the required API calls on page 334 of the NSX API guide:



          I'll work on creating a blog post for this as well for some more detailed instructions.




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