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    Import Unmanaged VM via REST API

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      Lately we had the need to import unmanaged vm's to vRA BG's.

      We were able to do so with CloudClient but we want to automate this process.


      vRA supporting REST API calls so we found a method for registering unmanaged VM's to vRA :



      This is the body of the POST:


        "owner": "string",

        "virtualMachineId": "string",

        "requestingUser": "string",

        "componentId": "string",

        "machineProperties": [


            "virtualMachineId": "string",

            "isEncrypted": false,

            "name": "string",

            "id": "string",

            "value": "string",

            "isRuntime": false,

            "isHidden": false



        "compositeBlueprintId": "string",

        "deploymentName": "string",

        "hostReservationId": "string",

        "templateId": "string",

        "hostStorageReservationId": "string"



      We filled those properties as needed but the error we are getting back is:

      "Data serialization error.

      Could not read message [acceptableTypes: [application/*+json, application/json]]"


      Can someone help with this error ?