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    Microsoft Dynamics GP ( Great Plains ) get a BSOD. Anyone else using this through APP VOL ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi ALL ,


      We are using Wrtiables / APP VOL and UEM.


      We are using Windows 10 LTSB/C 2016.


      When i install Great Plains and reboot i immediately get a 'Win 10 BSOD".. the frowny face.


      Just curious if anyone else out there has got this to work on APP VOL's ?


      What i was going to do was just Spin up a normal VM using the 2016 LTSB ISO - Put nothing else on it - install the 1st Great Plains EXE - reboot..see if i get BSOD.


      Any other Thoughts on things to try ?.. Maybe see if its a LTSB issue.?. and try Enterprise or PRO. would hate to lose all the work i have into LTSB though.


      We contacted MS Dynamic GP's support.. and they basically told us to goto hell - they wont help us. ( GLAD we're paying them for that level of support


      thanks ,