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    EFI Shell command -b option causes Firmware Crash

    patkim Lurker


      I am using VMWare Player 14 on Windows 7 64 Host OS. I have a shell.efi application (64 bit) downloaded from this link  

      It's from Intel's Tianocore EDK II project. I have created a Windows 7 64 Guest OS in UEFI mode.


      When I run Shell.efi & enter a shell command followed by -b option to pause at page, the VMware Firmware Crashes.

      The issue does not exist with the VMware's own built-in shell.


      A command like


      works fine but the moment I pass

      Help -b

      the firmware crashes at the first page break.


      Basically any applicable shell command that supports -b option, when invoked with -b causes VMware to crash.

      Does anyone have any idea what could the fix here?


      There's no issue on a real UEFI Hardware. On my real hardware 'help -b' runs just fine as expected.




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          Probably best to ask dariusd

          He's the specialist on these kind of questions.




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            Hi patkim,


            Thanks for posting this.


            I can't quite reproduce the same failure here... In my testing, the page-break function works fine, but the "new" Shell sometimes crashes on exit.  I haven't yet figured out if that's a bug in the new Shell or a bug in our firmware... We've put plenty of effort into testing the  builtin "old" Shell (built from the now-extinct GccShellPkg directory in EDK2), but not so much for the new Shell – which we don't yet include in our products – I'm afraid.


            How are you launching the Shell?  e.g. Are you setting up a boot medium (CD/Floppy/HDD/other?) with the Shell.efi as \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI, or are you launching the "new" Shell.efi from within the builtin "old" shell?


            Are you running any other commands before "help -b" triggers the crash?


            Anything else you can think of which might be relevant to reproducing the problem?  It might be helpful if you could attach a vmware.log obtained from the VM bundle right after the failure occurs.