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    push in the right direction, manageable reliable VPS hosting

    brobby56 Lurker

      dear forum members,


      Commissioned by the school, I am doing research into the possibilities for hosting a private VPS environment.


      The techniques that I need to use include SDN, virtualization, firewalling and failover. The VPS environment must be professional, manageable and reliable.


      It is about 150 VPS an average of 2 processors, 4 gig Ram 500 GB disk  at least a cluster of 4 physical servers


      I am very interested in how I connect the environment to the outside world. what techniques does vmware offer for example firewalling and VPS. so far I always end up with nsx but this seems like a very expensive solution. Or can nsx be used in a minimalistic way without losing VPN options.  the point why I come to NSX because I have to apply SDN and because this promotes the management. It also offers direct firewalling, vpn and antivirus management


      thank you in advance


      cheaper solutions are also welcome, the environment must remain manageable.


      the only thing I need is a direction I can investigate


      many many thanks, Brobby