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    VCSA Update Failures

    vAndrew Enthusiast

      Trying to update VCSA in two environments fails. Doesnt mater whether i use the VAMI console, or command line, it still fails with the following error:


      Command> software-packages install --url --acceptEulas

      [2019-01-28T05:18:25.028] : Staged 96 packages.

      [2019-01-28T05:18:25.028] : Verifying staging area

      [2019-01-28T05:18:26.028] : Validating software update payload

      [2019-01-28T05:18:26.028] : The version check is passed.

      [2019-01-28T05:18:26.028] : Validation successful

      [2019-01-28 05:18:26,363] : Copying software packages 96/96

      [2019-01-28 05:21:06,924] : Running test transaction ....

      [2019-01-28T05:21:07.028] : Installation process failed


      Root password is fine, as i know that's caused issues before. Seems plenty of disk space available on both VCSA, yet they just wont update. Anyone got any ideas as to why this is, raised a ticket with VMware, but they keep emailing asking for a time to contact me, which i give them, then don't hear anything again until they send the same email.