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    Switched from a Mac to WIndows and need to run VMWare

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      I had Fusion Pro 11 for mac and now am in a Windows environment. Am I going to have to purchase another product? I paid for the Mac software, does anyone think that I can bridge to a product that will work on the windows machine I'm running? Thanks.



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          bluefirestorm Master

          You can run VMs from Fusion Pro 11 in a VMware Workstation/Player on Windows environment. Make sure the VM(s) are powered off (not suspended) before you copy them from the Mac host. VMware VM bundles can be copied into a Windows machine and they will appear as a Windows folder with a .vmwarevm extension.  You can rename the folder to remove the extension if you so choose. Make sure you answer "I moved it" when you power up the VMs for the first time on Windows host especially for Windows VMs so that reactivation of the Windows OS licence in the VM is not necessary.


          For Windows bootcamp VM, it will remain as bootcamp in the Mac hardware. I am not aware of a simple way to transfer the bootcamp partition over to the Windows host and run as a VM in a Windows host. You probably have to recreate and reinstall as a new VM in the Windows host if you want to keep the bootcamp OS licence and its applications and data.


          You can choose between the free non-commercial use licence VMware Player or the paid VMware Workstation Pro. Current version is 15.0.2. The CPU requirements is the same as that of Fusion 11.x.


          There is a 30-day evaluation period for Workstation Pro (just like Fusion/Fusion Pro).


          There is a 25% off list price for this month.


          For Workstation Pro for Windows and Workstation Pro for Linux, the price is the same and the licence can be switched between Windows and Linux host (so long only one is installed/active).


          Based on US list price, there is a price difference between Workstation Pro (US$249.99 new), Workstation Player (US$149.99 new) and Fusion Pro (US$159.99 new). So you have to talk to VMware sales/customer service whether you pay full price for Workstation Pro on Windows or if they will let you simply pay the differential with Fusion Pro or at least pay a Workstation Pro upgrade price (US$149.99).


          Good luck in your pricing discussion with VMware customer service!

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            Just have correct myself on the Windows bootcamp partition, if you have one and you want to run it as a VM within the Windows host; your option would be a P2V conversion (physical to virtual) using a tool such as the VMware Standalone Converter. I only used it twice and it was many years ago.


            So basically with a P2V conversion, you would boot up as Windows bootcamp as a physical machine and perform a P2V. If I am not mistaken, VMware Workstation Pro has an option to let you initiate the P2V from there.


            However, with a P2V conversion, the Windows OS (and possibly whatever other applications) will see it as change it hardware that requires reactivation. So you have to be prepared with product/licence keys and other such information for software reactivation purpose with a P2V.