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    Feedback: VMware Workstation 15 new status icon state change harder to see

    quiettime Enthusiast

      The status icons are harder to see in Workstation 15 as compared to Workstation 14. I have a number of images where the network adapter is disabled and I can no longer tell at a glance whether or not the adapter is enabled. There is a green dot now instead of a color change but the dot is too tiny. Here's a pic. Depending on your screen size and pixel density it may be easy to see. Like in my browser as I'm typing this the images are scaled a little so it's easier to see.


      Workstation 15 status icons hard to see.PNG

      I prefer the old icons simply because it was easier to see when they changed state with small icons. Again this will depend on your screen size and pixels. If I had to guess my icons probably show at 1/8th of an inch.