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    Name in vSphere for catalog vApp templates

    vin01 Hot Shot

      Is it possible to get the Name in vSphere for vapp template vms in vcloud director.

      I can get the name mentioned in vcenter for CI VM using below cmdlets


      Get-View –RelatedObject $vm

      but not able to get for vapp template vms.

      Here is the script I am missing the full name in vcenter for a vapp template.

      foreach($org in Get-Org |Sort-Object -Property Name){
      foreach($catlog in ($org|Get-Catalog  | Sort-Object -Property Name)){
      foreach($VAppTemplate in ($catlog |Get-CIVAppTemplate | Sort-Object -Property Name)){
      foreach($CIVMTemplate in ($VAppTemplate |Get-CIVMTemplate | Sort-Object -Property Name)){
      "" |Select-Object  @{N="Org Name";E={$catlog.Org}},
      @{N="Catlog Name";E={$catlog.Name}},
      @{N="Catlog Owner";E={$catlog.Owner}},
      @{N="VAppTemplate Name";E={$VAppTemplate.Name}},
      @{N="VAppTemplate Owner";E={$VAppTemplate.Owner}},
      @{N="VMTemplate Name";E={$CIVMTemplate.Name}}