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    Backup software for Small VMware install.

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        We are going to purchase a small install of VMware, using VMWare Essential Plus pack. We are installing this on a Dell VRTX chassis with 2 Dell M series servers. We are in no way VMware experts, we are all new to the environment. So I am doing some research for a backup product.. there will be a total of 5 servers running on the cluster with approximately 1 - 1.5 TB of total space being used. We will have a local backup (HDD) also defined for a backup location in the environment. We will also have a second backup process to go to a SAN device...


          Any suggestions?


         I am seeing VEEAM \ VEMBU \ I have worked with Backup exec etc before...


            Not that this is part of the forum - any suggestions for best training for newbies (VMware) (VMWare Essential Plus )?





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          any backup software You mentioned will work fine. The most important aspect is a proper storage architecture that will protect Your production and backuped data, and will give You a possibility to restore data from backup.


          As to the second thread about traning, send me a direct message and I we could figure something out.