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    Join VCSA to Active Directory, will it effect SSL Certificates?

    rwallace612 Lurker



      I am currently working at a new job and I noticed that our VCSA appliances are not joined to our domain. The platform services controllers are external and their computer objects still exist in AD, so it looks like somehow just the VCSA's fell off the domain.


      I also noticed that I cannot connect via powershell or the C# client using integrated authentication. I believe this is because the VCSA's are not joined to the domain. I asked an existing VMWare admin if it is OK for me to re-join our VCSA's to our AD domain , but he is hesitant to let me.


      He is concerned that it may break the SSL Certificates that we are using. They are all either VMWare self signed or Domain CA generated.


      i don't see how joining the VCSA's back to the domain would effect this. Any thoughts on this?