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    VSAN design?

    gmartijn Lurker

      Maybe a bit of a newbie question, but i am wondering (experimenting with VSAN now).


      Having dedicated VSAN nodes, (so nodes that only work as storage pool)?


      Or bundling the storage of your Hosts together and also hosting your VM's on that?

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          RickVerstegen Expert

          vSAN is a hyper-converged, software-defined storage (SDS) that creates a pools of storage using (DAS) direct-attached storage devices. You can use the vSAN datastore to deploy and run VMs on it.

          In general to use vSAN you need:

          1. Minimum of three ESXi hosts for standard datacenter deployments.

          2. VMware vCenter Server. Minimum 6.0 but latest is preferred.

          3. At least one device for the capacity tier and one flash device for the cache tier
          4. One boot device to install ESXi.
          5. Dedicated network port for vSAN–VMkernel interface.


          A great place to start learning or get to know more about vSAN i recommend to have a look at:

          VMware vSAN