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    distance between AZ vs Regions

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      My company is starting to take a closer look at  running vMCloud on AWS.  When looking a features and functionality it seems that there are more then a few things that depend on if you are in multiple regions vs multiple availability zones.  Like many customers we have compliance requirements for distance between data centers.  I seem to be having some trouble finding out what the minimum distance is.  Looking on VMware's site, the only thing I can find is the validated design numbers, but those are for on prem configs.  On amazon's site it just list general locations.  I understand why they don't want to give exact locations.  That being said does anyone know where I can find these numbers?  For example AV are X miles  apart vs Regional is Y miles apart.

      We are sorta dead in our tracks till we can get that answered.


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          Generally these informations are not published publicly. If you/your customer is keen to know more about it, suggest kindly reach out to the AWS Compliance team AWS Compliance

          Am sure, there would be certain information shared directly using this NDA route



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            IF you think of an AZ as a Datacenter, or multiple DCs within 10-20 miles of each, I would consider a region separation of about 100 miles. You can stretch a VMC cluster across multiple AZs in the same region. If you want to protect yourself against a region failure, you'll need to setup another cluster in another region and look at SRM.

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              Vmware cloud on AWS is Vmware SDDC software stack (Vsphere | NSX | VSAN) running on AWS hardware.

              AWS has a concept of Regions and AZ. AZs are like datacenters in a particular region. Fore more details please refer - Global Cloud Infrastructure | Regions & Availability Zones | AWS


              AWS doesn't publish the location of these datacenters. However, AZs are located within a region.


              Asia Pacific has a Mumbai region.

              and that region has 2 AZs aka Data centers. So you can imagine that these 2 Data centers wouldn't be very far off.


              For exact details on the distance between 2 AZs, you would need to reach out to AWS (assuming they publish that data to you under NDA)

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