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    vSphere replication appliance 6.5 no networking detected after deploying the OVF.

    vdk1304 Novice

      Planned to install vSphere replication (VRA) in 2 sites.

      Currently Running 6.5 Update2 vSphere/ESXi

      while Installing 6.5.3 vSphere Replication i am facing issue once OVF is deployed and No networking is detected.


      getting error message as below once OVF is deployed and Powered ON.



      Main Site Deployed OVF (VR) appliance installed without any issues.



      but when tried same with DR Site Used the same OVF as Main site and when the appliance starts up, getting error No Networking detected and unable to login with password or it will not allow me to configure the network.


      kindly advise.