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    FAILED at 98%: Unable to reconfigure the destination virtual machine.

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      Hi all.

      So I tried to convert a physical PC into a VM image. After some fiddling with various problems (such as the lack of the Converter executable on the source machine and the need to map an external shared directory as VM image repository) I've been able to start the process.

      But at the very end, I faced the FAIL message "Unable to reconfigure the destination virtual machine".

      I already read in this forum about the same problem occurred to other users, but before starting a "trial and error" series of tests based on user account choice, firewall and antivirus instances and so on, I need to ask the following:

      Since the convert process on my physical machine require about 12 hours, can I try to work around the created VM image, or I really need to restart the whole conversion process every single time I try something different? Because in this second case I must appeal to the "Patience Goddess"......

      Thank you all in advance for your kind reply.

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          You question may imply two completely different possibilities.

               1. Windows machine converted.

          Did the VM start? Probably not, but if it did, you are done. Besides, converter has te possibility to just configure a Windows VM, Try it, sometimes it works even if it has failed as part of the conversion. If it doesn't - upload the logs bundle for examination.

               2. Linux machine.

          You may try manual reconfiguration after booting from a live ISO image - preferably the installation CD of that distro and version. Install GRUB, create the initramfs image, check and fix the fstab and network config files. Uploading the logs may be useful too, to diagnose which part has failed and eventually why.