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    VM Workstation 14 - can no longer start a virtual machine configured to use a physical drive - Operation failed

    TheoL Lurker

      I previously created a VM that used an entire physical disk (taken from an old computer). This was created in Workstation Pro 12.

      I had not accessed the VM for a while, and had since upgraded to Workstation 14.

      Now when I attempt to start the VM, if get an error message "The operation on file "\\.\PhysicalDrive3" failed."


      Investigating further, I found the same problem with creating a fresh VM using a physical drive.

      I have also confirmed that error occurs before the virtual  machine's BIOS screen is shown. The log files in the virtual machine folder do not shed any light beyond repeating the error dialog.

      Reverting back to 12 did not change the outcome.

      When attempting to start the VM, (as expected) I am prompted for admin permissions.  I have also tried running Worksation with admin rights. This did not change the outcome.

      I have checked the the disk (attached via a USB caddy) is visible in Disk Manager, and that there are no mapped drives on any of the partitions in that drive.


      So, I am presuming that some recent (as in last year) Windows 10 updates may be the cause of the problem.


      I have searched for people with similar problems, but have not found anything relating to Windows 10 or Workstation 14.


      Does anybody have any ideas where I should be looking?