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    VMPLAYER Unrecoverable error 0xc000005

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      Hi there!.

      I have VMware Workstation Player 12. I made it two virtual machines: The firstone is Windows 98 and the anotherone is Windows XP. So I have installed recently another virtual machine: Windows 8.1 Pro.

      Well, i start that machine, go inside and suddently appears the following, and the virtual machine shut down:



      VMPLAYER unrecoverable error

      Exeption code 0xc000005 (access violation) has occurred.

      You can request support.


      Because is a free soft, they refused tecnical support.


      I have installed VMware Workstation Player 12. My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64, Intel I5 processor,4 GB DDR3 SDRAM and the mother is Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H.


      I tried to donwload the 15 versión but a message appears telling "The CPU is not suitable" or something like that.



      Can you help me, please?

      Thanks in advance.


      Carlos (Rosario, Argentina.)


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          Having just 4GB memory on a host is very little memory.


          Do not give your VM more than 2GB of RAM.

          You are probably also best off by not enabling 3D on the virtual graphics card.




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