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    Windows 10 start menu not opening

    Natestack Novice

      Hi All,


      I seem to be having issues when using uia_plus_profile WV where the start menu will not open.


      start menu works when writable volume without profile is attached.


      start menu works with normal AppStacks it’s just uia_plus_profile That the start menu doesn’t open.


      now we using the following


      Windows 10 1709

      Appvolumes 2.14

      UEM 9.4

      Horizon 7.5.1


      in my play test environment

      ive used the following with same result

      windows 10 1709/1803

      Appvolumes 2.15

      UEM 9.5

      Horizon 7.5.1


      The WV uia_plus_profile works it’s just the stupid start menu will not open.


      Thanks in advance