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    Dropdown Format Issue with Long Subnet Names - AWS Request Form

    rmav01 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      I'm on vRA 7.5, and have the latest/greatest versions of both Chrome and Mozilla. When I attempt to order an AWS server against a specific location the subnets that are listed out in the drop down are always skewed:



      This graphical behavior always happens no matter if I use Chrome or Mozilla. I tried to tweek some of the styles through my browser's inspector to see if I could perhaps update the CSS files on the appliance to clean it up a bit. Unfortunately I was only able to change the size of the dropdown, not the menu that pops up underneath.


      One thing I did learn after looking through the CSS was that this GUI appears to have been written in ExtJS. If that's the case, I'm thinking that the picker being used to show the subnet values might need to be updated to use the matchFieldWidth attribute set to false. This would allow the picker underneath to extend longer than the parent combobox. This Fiddle illustrates the difference in behavior:


      Sencha Fiddle


      Is this something that can be addressed in a future release? Thanks!