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    Horizon Client on appstack

    LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      Did anyone try to install Horizon Client in the Appstack. It looks like it will get installed, creates a shortcut on desktop and then Install Fails every time. If I open my packaging machine (not in provisioning mode) it works just fine. It is only when I want to package it.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          SchwarzC Enthusiast

          Are you doing an update or a fresh installation?

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            sjesse Expert

            Why do you want it in an app stack? I think we tried originally, but then decided to just put in the parent images. I couldn't think of anyone we would have that we would want to restrict access to that application since they already are using the client to connect.


            There used to be a blog article I references, but I can't find it any more, which explained troublesome applications and I believe the horizon client was one of them.

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              schepp Virtuoso
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              what Versions are you using?


              I have the Horizon Client 4.9.0 packaged with AppVolues 2.14.


              Only thing was I wasn't able to put it in the "basic apps" Appstack. I had to put it in a seperate, Horizon Client only appstack

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                LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

                I need this to be on an Appstack because I use it to direct connect to my image if I need to update it. RDP appears to be funky in many times and also sets my Sound volume to 100% all the  time. If I use client I can preset it to for example 10 and it persists for clones.


                I opened a ticket with VMware on it and it appears that the problem is AppVol agent version 2.15. Once we downgraded agent to 2.14 it worked like it supposed to.