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    Desktop Disconnected

    grayloon Lurker

      Horizon View Admin 5.3.0

      Horizon View Client 4.10.0 (Mac)


      I have a couple of pools using floating linked clones. Recently, a couple of my Mac users are unable to connect to the pools. When they try, there's a delay of maybe 3-5 seconds then an error:


      Desktop disconnected

      The connection to the remote computer ended.


      When I log into View Administrator and look at the events for the pool, I see:


      User MYDOMAIN\myname requested Pool pool_name

      User MYDOMAIN\myname requested Pool pool_name, allocated machine vm-3

      The agent running on machine VM-3 has accepted an allocated session for user MYDOMAIN\myname

      The pending session on machine VM-3 for user MYDOMAIN\myname has expired


      I don't understand why it's suddenly stopped working. Any suggestions on fixes, workarounds, and things to investigate?

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          grayloon Lurker

          I just downgraded to Client 4.9.0, and it's working.

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            BenFB Expert

            The issue is that Horizon Client 4.10.0 dropped support for TLS 1.0 which all versions prior to 6.2.1 used. The last Horizon Client to officially support 5.3.x was 4.4 which was released on 16 March 2017. There is a workaround available for iOS but I haven't seen one for Mac. Jon Holloway or kdenike is there a workaround for Mac or Windows that you can share?


            Horizon View 5.x went end of general support on 2016/09/14, end of technical guidance on 2018/09/14 and end of availability on 2013/09/30 for View Enterprise. I would urgently advise upgrading to 7.x given that Horizon View 6.x goes end of general support in less than 6 months (2019/06/19).



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              kdenike Enthusiast
              VMware Employees

              The only workaround for the desktop clients is to stay on the 4.9 client. We do have a workaround for the mobile clients which I am sharing as customers reach out. We really want to work with them to upgrade their Horizon server. Apple, Microsoft and Google are also dropping TLS 1.0 (and 1.1) early next year. Customers will be much better off if they do this work now.

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                DougWalker Lurker

                Would you be able to share the workaround for mobile clients as we currently have a few Ipad users who cannot connect to desktops.


                We are running Horizon View Admin 6.0.1

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                  BenFB Expert

                  An upgrade to Horizon 6.2.1 or newer would also solve your issue. You should prioritize an upgrade or migration to Horizon 7.x as Horizon View 6.x goes end of general support in 6 months on 2019/06/19.


                  There is a VMware supplied workaround available.

                  Re: Version 4.10.0 not working on ipad

                  There is a per-device workaround that allows Horizon Client for iOS 4.10 to continue working with TLS 1.0:

                  • Create a new file named config.txt
                  • Add a new line to this file:
                  TLSv10 = enable
                  • Connect the iOS device to a computer that has iTunes installed
                  • Open iTunes and select File Sharing on connected device
                  • Select Horizon in Apps
                  • Click Add… button to add config.txt into Horizon App
                  • Relaunch Horizon App

                  Re: vmware horizon 4.10 for mac causes "desktop disconnected" on every connection attempt while v4.9 works smoothly idkw

                  The latest Horizon Clients have turned off support for TLS 1.0, an older encryption framework with multiple security vulnerabilities. If your company is on an older version of the server software, for instance Horizon View 5.X, it won’t support the newer encryption connections. There is a work-around for mobile clients that I have been sharing with companies when they reach out to me. Otherwise, you can stay on the Horizon Clients 4.9 until you can update your environment.


                  Thanks, Kristina



                  Product Line Manager