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    Geographically separated sites - one or multiple vCenter server instance?

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      Hi All,

      Having searched around the we for a while, cannot find an answer to our particular scenario - throwing the question out to this forum.


      We have recently renewed and upgraded licenses from ENT to ENT Plus.  With the new licenses ready to go, looking at upgrading hosts to ESXi 6.5.  This naturally means upgrading the vCenter server instance(s).


      We have 3 geographically separated sites with all hosts running ESXi 6.0U3.  All three sites are in a hub and spoke model, site A as the hub with redundant links out to sites B and C.  Currently there is a single external PSC (located at Site A) and a vCenter server at each site in linked mode.


      Site A (Sydney 1)

      2 Clusters

      Cluster 1 has 2 hosts running 7 VM's

      Cluster 2 has 8 hosts running 39 VM's


      Site B (Sydney 2) - Redundant 100Mbps links to Site A

      1 Cluster of 10 hosts running 39 VM's


      Site C (Brisbane) - Redundant 50Mbps links to Site A

      1 Cluster of 4 hosts running 36 VM's


      In the future Site A will be collapsed into Site B.  Taking this on board, am looking into the feasibility of reducing the number of vCenter servers (ideally into a single instance).  Reading around - whilst it is possible to manage a remote site.  Ruling out connectivity, I believe number of hosts and VM's at the remote site is one of the factors to be considered, however cannot find any information as to what the ideal limit is to depict local or remote vCenter server instance.


      Am thinking of face lifting the architecture to be a single integrated PSC and vCenter server located at Site B, managing all three sites.


      Feedback on which direction (collapse or leave as is) to take would be appreciated.