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    Horizon 7.5 and Samsung NCxxx USB Device Detection Issues

    xyzalee Lurker

      Hi Community


      I am one of the Sys Admins for an educational institution - Avondale College of Higher Education. We have a satellite campus where we provide access to staff and students using VMware infrastructure, in this case Horizon View 7.5. On the remote site most users use Samsung NCxxx devices. We are battling the following frustrating scenario.


      We have 2 users (confirmed) who cannot access USB storage devices when they are logged in. The USB storage devices appear to not be detected and the file systems do not mount. We think the issue is USB in general and not specifically storage devices. We have a couple of other users who are not able use USB RFID readers. Here is the confusing, annoying, FRUSTRATING part.

      If I, or most other users for that matter, log in on the same Samsung NCxxx device, we experience none of these USB detection failures. It seems that there is some bad information being stored in the user's AD account profile. I have copied one of the user's AD account profiles and used it as a base for a new test user. The USB detection problem occurred straight away.


      One might think problem solved, recreate the user's AD account. Unfortunately in this situation that is not desirable, as we do not want to interrupt the users access to their network stored content. Also of note, it is only USB devices on the Samsung NCxxx device. If the users log onto other ordinary computers and use a View client, they have no problems with USB devices.


      Does anyone in the community know how to pick apart an AD account profile that has been used with View in order to try and locate the offending piece of information?



      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.