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    Hide RDSH C drive from published apps

    yzzzd Lurker


      I am new to Published Apps and would like to know how to hide the server C drive from view whenever I try to save a file from my published app.

      Can this possibly be done? I have already used the group policy on the server to hide the c: drive and d: drive from My Computer. But it's still visible when I click the save option in the app.

      Appreciate to hear from anyone who have done this before. Thank you.



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          techguy129 Expert

          If the application doesn't use the native OpenFileDialog then the drive letters won't be hidden. Even if they are hidden, the end user can still browse to the C drive by manually typing it.


          We restrict users from accessing the C drive by using the "Prevent access to drives from My Computer" group policy setting. Even if they can see it, they cannot access it.

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