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    Creating and editing VMs in a network with IPs provisioned by DHCP, not vRA IPAM - how?

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      I currently have the following setup:

      VMs are sometimes being provisioned in networks, where other VMs, not provisioned by vRA, reside. The IPs in these networks are handed out by DHCP (on a NSX-V edge).

      I need to be able to provision and add new adapters to the vm in this DHCP-provisioned network.


      The deployment itself seems to work fine. I have created a new external network profile, that has no IP ranges set, only the basic options. I had no other ooption but to select the vRA IPAM endpoint, even though I do not want to use it in this case. This profile is attached to some reservations, then it is mapped to the dvs port group (network), where DHCP hands out the adresses. During provisiong, the network adapter of the vm gets connected to this portgorup and after power-on an IP gets assigned.


      However, when I want to add a new adapter to the VM and select the DHCP-provisioned network during the Reconfigure Action in the Network Tab, the request fails:

      java.lang.RuntimeException: [Error code: 42000 ] - [Error Msg: Infrastructure service provider error: The list of unallocated IP addresses for the network profile [MyProfileName] has been exhausted.]


      What would be an elegant solution to this problem? Is it possible to create a network profile that would not be tied to the vRA IPAM? The only purpose of this profile would be to attach the adapter to the selected port group. Similar how you could do it back in vRA 6 with a private network profile.


      Edit: I've managed to solve this last week. Now I just assign a network without the profile to reservations for groups that need it. During provisioning a user can also choose this dhcp-provisioned network from a drop down using a friendly name, or just choose a network profile which has an IPAM-provisioned assigned.