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    Unusable metrics

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      I'm new to vROps, and I've been to ICM class and have three Kindle books, and am reasonable at Googling, but I can't find documentation on this. I have one particular property I'm trying to use in a custom view: diskspace | snapshot | snapshotAge. I see that it's included in the default snapshot view (Virtual Machines with Snapshot), and the Data is there by default in my custom view that I copied from that, but I can't select it in the list of Properties (or Metrics) when customizing my view.


      Ultimately, I would like to be able to use diskspace | snapshot | snapshotAge as a filter for my view, but I'm taking baby steps right now, just trying to add it to my view at all.


      I enabled all snapshot metrics and properties in my active policy, and I do see Age in "All Metrics" when I select a VM with snapshots.


      I did try exporting and editing the xml to get it to use it as a filter, but that only raised more questions. I added a different metric as a filter, and it shows up in the gui, but not in the xml. Unless it's one of these attributes-selector things.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.