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    Can I disable Vmotion in the esxi firewall on a single host deployment?

    xjames Novice

      I have a single deployment of esxi and vmotion is disabled by default but I am still seeing logs for Vmotion. Esxi is deployed on a hosted server that is accessible via public ip address.  



      WARNING: Migrate: 446: Invalid message type for new connection: 542393671.  Expecting message of type INIT (0).



      2019-01-01T10:58:17.358Z cpu0:66611)MigrateNet: vm 66611: 3116: Accepted connection from "different ip addresses"

      2019-01-01T10:58:17.358Z cpu0:66611)MigrateNet: vm 66611: 3204: dataSocket 0x430684097cc0 receive buffer size is 563272

      2019-01-01T10:58:17.358Z cpu0:66611)Migrate: 391: Remote machine is ESX 4.0 or newer.


      Please help. Happy new year!