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    Problem with accessing datastore after RAID 0 changed to RAID 1....

    ClayGoss Novice

      I had a pair of 4 TB disks go south this week.  These are in a Dell R415 with 6/i PERC.  They were in a RAID 1.  One completely failed and the other was showing predicted failure.


      I ordered a pair of drives, put one in place of the failed one, but since they were not exactly the same, the rebuild failed.  So I popped all the drives, cleared the config, configured two RAID 0's with the "failing" drive in one and the new one in the other.  I copied all the VMs to the new datastore and got all VMs running.


      I then took the system down, popped all the drives, cleared the config, put the other new drive in and rebuilt the config as RAID 1.


      I will add here, there is a second RAID 1 of two 200 GB drives, which is the boot volume.


      Upon booting the system and connecting to vSphere client, I found that the 4 TB datastore was missing:


      Rescan All... did not show it.  I tried Add Storage > Disk/LUN and see this:


      I highlight "Local DELL Disk (naa...." and click next, then see this:


      I have tried a PERC reconfig, no change.  Logging into EXS using Putty and looking at devices shows:


      So, it appears my volume is there, but I cannot get it back as a datastore.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!

      Clay Goss