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    Unable to Enter Login Credentials with Windows 10

    gpenunuri Novice

      Having a weird problem with the Remote Desktop Connection client and pretty much anything else that requires you to enter a username and password.  If I delete the users writable profile then everything works like normal and allows you to enter your credentials to connect.  The next time the users logs in and opens the RDP client or tries to "Run As" another user you are not able to enter any credentials.  I attached the screenshot.  I tried to exclude the MSTSC.exe process from the snapvol.cfg file but no luck.


      Any other ideas?

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          gpenunuri Novice

          After more troubleshooting I found that it is not just the RDP client.  It also shows the same message if you get redirected to authenticate with out ADFS server.  You are unable to enter any credentials.  The only workaround that I have found is to Open Credential Manager and add my credentials there. 


          Any ideas?

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            Ray_handels Master
            vExpertCommunity Warriors

            It does work with no writable attached? What happens if you attach with UIA writable only? And what version of Appvolumes are you using? Also, when starting this issue coming up, after upgrading the Appvolumes agent? Or has this issue been there always?

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              gpenunuri Novice

              We had recently upgraded to App Volume version 2.14 from 2.12.  I updated the agents on the master VM and created new pools.  I noticed that the writables were still using the 2.12 template so I updated those to the 2.14 templates.  That's when this issue started.  I rolled back the agent to 2.12 and everything started working again.  Installed 2.14 and it broke.  I upgraded to 2.15 and everything is working perfectly.  Not sure what happened but there is some kind of bug with 2.14.2.