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    where to download vmware player older version

    Wilfried1234 Novice



      I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 for a while with VmWare Player 7.1.6. I just opgraded to Linux Mint 19. I tryed to install a new vmware player (version 15) but it does not support my cpu. An older version (12) does install, but does not start. If I start it in terminal then I have an error indicating that soms .so needs to be renamed, but I cannot since the name where it (according to the message) should rename to already exists.


      So I think I have to find older versions. Since all my VM's are in version 7.1.6 I think that's the preferred version to install?


      But I cannot find it.


      Can someone help me solve this problem?


      Thank you, Wilfried