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    vcenter endpoint  cannot be found in Vra 7.5

    rchaubey Enthusiast

      Hello Expert,


      I am unable to add vsphere endpoint inside Vra 7.5. Please find below vSphereAgent error log . Please help me resolve this issue


      vcac: [component="iaas:VRMAgent.exe" priority="Debug" thread="5968"] [sub-thread-Id="5"  context=""  token=""] Ping Sent Successfully : [<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><pingReport agentName="Vcenter agentVersion="" agentLocation="Vraagn01" WorkitemsProcessed="0"><Endpoint /><ErrorCode>ENDPOINT_NOT_FOUND</ErrorCode><ManagementEndpoint Name="Vcsa.vralab.com" /><Nodes /><AgentTypes><AgentType name="Hypervisor" /><AgentType name="vSphereHypervisor" /></AgentTypes></pingReport>]