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    Default UIA_Plus_Profile Template

    gpenunuri Novice

      Any ideas how to set the default template for the UIA_Plus_Profile volume? 


      Due to the migration to O365 I have had to give writable volumes to all users so that the caching of the OST file can be saved with their profile and won't have to download each time they login.  Since doing that we are having a lot of the writable volumes get full and users start getting error messages that they are out of space.  Rather then expand each one I created a new UIA_Plus_Profile Template which is 20GB instead of the default 10GB. 


      I can create a volume manually using the new template and it works but when I add users to the security group in AD and it creates it automatically it still uses the old one. 

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          jsinclair Enthusiast

          You can set how much gets cached so the OST doesn't fill up. We have ours set to 3 months, and haven't had any WV's fill up using the standard UIA only WV. If you need something older than that, it will download it.


          However, if that's not suitable, I'm sure you could take the writable template files uploaded to your LUN and expand it:


          vmkfstools -X 25g /vmfs/volumes/xxxx/vmname/vmname.vmdk


          You will probably need to attach it to a vm to expand the partition, but make sure you don't upload any new templates when upgrading and just zip up the contents of the new WV template and import it under the WV section of App Volumes manager.


          Here's a kb for expanding the vmdk:


          VMware Knowledge Base 


          And for updating the WV:


          Update Writable Volumes

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            gpenunuri Novice

            Thanks for the suggestion.  I already created a new template with the size I want and uploaded it to the cloudvolumes\writable_profile location of the datastore.  it works but the system just doesn't automatically use it for new volumes.  I even renamed the original and saved my new template with the default template_uia_plus_profile.vmdk name but still no luck.