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    Error on vRA endpoint under Usage meter

    Shambhavi_Hitendra Lurker


      I have been working on vCloud Usage Meter and have added my vCenter, NSX Manager, vROps and vRA to it. I am facing issues with my vRA endpoint. The product was added successfully but throws up the below error under monitor tab.

      Product: vRealize Automation, Hostname: b6-iaas7.cloud.ucs, Message: One edition was expected. Found: vac.vrealizeSuiteEnterprise.credit, codestream.standard.cpuPackage, vac.enterprise.serverVm


      Usage meter version: 3.6.1 Build 7359407

      vRA version: 7.3.1 (build 8004226)


      Please let me know what is causing this issue and how to resolve it.


      Thanks in Advance.