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    Collector not appearing in Skyline Advisor

    cvrich Novice

      I have been having an issue where the collector doesn't appear in the Skyline Advisor. It is showing an old install that didn't work. When I unregister that collector and then redeploy the new 2.0 VM and register that collector, the new collector never shows up in the Skyline Advisor app under account details and the old one is still there. I would really like if someone from VMware could delete all collectors for me and let me start over again. The collector on my end appears to be fine and working.

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          Yuva_1990 Hot Shot
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          Hi cvrich,


          I understand that you need assistance in removing the collectors your account.I would need the following details to process the request


          Company Name:

          Registered E-mail:


          I'm sending you a personal message with my contact details


          Marking this question as correct answer due to inactivity. Please respond to this thread if the issue persists.