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    Windows 10 Start Menu

    gpenunuri Novice

      Just a quick background of my environment....


      Horizon 7.6

      App Vol 2.14

      UEM 9.14

      Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 


      I recently upgraded to Horizon 7.6 due to compatibility issues with previous version and Win10 Ent 1803.  I now have an environment that is compatible according to VMware.  I am having the same old start menu and search issues that should be resolved.  If i have app vol installed on the image then the start menu and search functions are broken.  If I just remove App Vol and recompose the pool then it works again.  It doesn't seem to be related to a writable being attached.  I tested with and without.  I also already added the line to disablehotplug as recommended by VMware. 


      Any other ideas? 

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          Ray_handels Master
          Community WarriorsvExpert

          You say when you have Appvolumes installed it doesn't work. What happens if the agent is installed and no appstacks or writables are attached?

          Could it be that this is related to an appstack? Are you using UEM to capture the start menu? Did you upgrade from 17xx to 1803? Because there is a known issue with upgrading and the start menu.

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            MrCheesecake Novice

            In UEM, create a new config file under the Personalization tab.  Select "Use a Windows Common Setting" and then choose "Windows 10 Start Menu".  I've specified a custom condition where the OS=Windows 10 for that as well.  It should then allow for your Start Menu to get populated with everything from your AppStack.

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              gpenunuri Novice

              Thanks Ray_handels.  I don't know why I didn't think of doing that.  I removed all of the app stacks from the user and the Start Menu works. I will narrow that down.  At least I know it works with App Vol installed and with a writable volume attached. 

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                Ray_handels Master
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                Did you find the corrupted appstack? Just curious to know if it is fixed.

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                  danielkrause Novice

                  I have the same issue. But i am working with old appstacks as well.

                  So i will check, if i can update the appstacks.


                  Interesting is...

                  it worked before, but after optimizing with the Vmware Optimizing Tool it stopped working (in my case).

                  So maybe there is something...

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                    Ray_handels Master
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                    I have seen issues on the UEM forum that there seems to be an issue with running the OSOT and having a low start menu when using UEM to capture this setting.

                    No idea if this already has been fixed but it is worth a try to rebuild the golden image (if possible) and try and use a later version of the OSOT tool. Maybe some info on the fling forum as well?

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                      gpenunuri Novice

                      I was able to narrow it down to an app stack that was created on a Win 7 x64 machine but made available to Windows 10.  I have since created a new app stack for that application using a Windows 10 VM and no more issues so far.


                      Thanks again!

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                        gpenunuri Novice

                        Yeah that Optimization tool does some weird things sometimes.  I ran the latest tool using the LoginVSI.com template.  I have the best results with that one.  Also make sure you add the disable hotplug parameter on the VM.