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    Migrate vmk0 from stamdard switch to distributed switch

    JDMils_Interactive Novice

      I just migrated 4 hosts from 5.5 to 6.0U3 and three worked fine, the last one HOST05, upgraded but I lost the network connections. I thus re-installed the V6.0U3 OS from an ISO and am in the middle of setting it back up for the cluster and found the following, strange setup:


      All existing hosts have the vmk0, the Management kernel on VLAN036, on the DV switch. They have a secondary management IP allocated as vmk2 on VLAN037 on the standard switch.

      My new host HOST05 has the vmk0 (VLAN036) on the local switch and the vmk5 (secondary Management IP) on VLAN037 on the same standard switch.


      My question is, how do I move vmk0 from the standard switch to the DV switch?


      I tried to migrate vmk0 from the standard switch to the DV switch using:


      - Select DV switch.

      - Manage Virtual Adapters.

      - Add.

      - Migrate existing virtual adapters.

      - Select "Management Network" (which is vmk0), change destination port group to port group with VLAN036 on DV switch.

      - Finish




      Call "HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig" for object "networkSystem-973651" on vCenter Server "MyvCenterServer.mydomain.local" failed.

      Network configuration change disconnected the host 'HOST05.mydomain.local' from vCenter server and has been rolled back.

      A change in the network configuration disconnected the host 'HOST05.mydomain.local' from vCenter Server. The change has been rolled back.


      I tried the same from the web client with the same result.


      So it looks like it won't migrate the vm kernel due to the loss of comms between the vCenter server and host. So how do I do this?


      I tried launching the thick client and attaching directly to the host and using the above method, but when it comes to choosing the destination port group to attach the vmk0 kernel to, I get nothing in the drop-down.