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    What are the Features Included in vRealize Automation Standard Edition

    pke_pkumar Lurker

      Hi All,


      Can you please let me know what all the features supported by vRA Standard Edition.


      Background of this question.

      Problem Reported : -  Unable to Create approval Policy , Event Subscriptions.


      Tried below steps:

      - Under the Administration Tab, there is no Approval Policy option, Also Administration tab >> Events >> no subscriptions option.


      - Checked the Roles assigned to the user ( Approval administrator / Tenant Administrator / etc).


      - The user was having all the roles assigned.


      - Checked the vRA License details from the Management Appliance console.


      - Found that the License applied is  " vRealize Suite Standard " and the corresponding to this vRA got the vRealize Automation Standard License.


      When I checked VMware websites, found that vRealize Suite Standard doesn't contain vRA at all. But I found some old blogs in which it was mentioned that vRealize Suite Standard contains vRA Standard. But nowhere it is mentioned what all features it include.


      So I am suspecting vRA standard has some limitations / restricted functions.


      Please let me know if you come across this issue anytime ?


      is it License issue or any other actions to be performed so that the Approval policy / Event subscriptions will be visible.


      Thanks in Advance.